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    Is it any possible to use the fonts in the ITextAsian.jar?
    If pd4ml can do it, how to config?


    No, PD4ML cannot use ITextAsian.jar.

    Do you have any troubles with TTF embedding feature of PD4ML?


    No, the file sizes of the pdf genereted via PD4ML with TTF just much bigger than IText + ITextAsian.
    Same HTML source,
    PD4ML + TTF: 200-300k
    IText + iTextAsian: < 50k


    Obviously IText + iTextAsian does not embed fonts, but refers to the standard Type1 fonts of Acroread. PD4ML does not support that.

    However useTTF() PD4ML API method has a boolean parameter, which tells either to physically embed TTFs or just to refer to their names. “Not embed”-mode results smaller documents, but the documents rely on the fonts installed on the client machine.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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