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    Inside my Web-App i’ve inserted a square containing basically an earth map similar to google Map, in which the user can move around the earth, can zoom in and zoom out and so on…

    But, when i try to generate the PDF, all the text fields are exported as expected, but this is not the same for the square containing the map, that simply isn’t printed
    Is there a way to implement what i need without converting the map into a static image?


    Small addition: if inside the browser i right-click on the image i’m able to save as image. Inspecting the html source code i see that the square containing the map is located inside a tag.

    I’ve searched around and seen that probably pd4ml support printing canvas by using this instruction:


    Well, i hope to be on the correct direction, but still i don’t know how to use this instruction and where should be located 🙂


    Unfortunately for the time being PD4ML does not support image maps and canvas.

    We can add image maps support (by request), but with canvas it is not that easy. It would require to implement DOM-compatible document representation, add JavaScript support etc – in other words a total refactoring of the library and adding new complexity levels.

    “pd4ml.enable.canvas.interpreter” allows to connect an external functionally limited JavaScript/canvas rendering engine. The feature is untrivial to configure/utilize and because of different reasons we do not develop it further.

    PD4ML Web is based on an alternative HTML rendering engine, it supports JavaScript and canvas, but has its own drawback: it does not output interactive (hyperlinked) PDFs.


    Thank you, i’ve found a way to bypass this, i now generate dynamically the image from the canvas and put the “data:image/png;base64,” in the src instruction for the tag.

    but….. i’ve opened a specific post for this 🙂


    Just replied in the new topic.

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