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    We are interested to buy your product but we are currently using the PDF Conversion software (DominoPDF) that is installed in our Lotus Notes Domino servers (under WindowsSystem32).

    This PDF conversion software that we are currently using is converting our Notes documents by calling the DLL (DominoPDF.dll) via LotusScript agent. According to, the PD4ML jar file can be saved in a shared folder and be accessed in Lotus Notes agent coded in java. (see,289483,sid4_gci1264609,00.html with Topic: Converting Lotus Notes Domino Web pages to PDF files with a Java agent)

    Our concern is can we use PD4ML without conflicting the DominoPDF conversion software? There is a need to retain the use of DominoPDF because it has the feature of PDF files merging in which currently is not yet available in your product (based in your General Questions/FAQ with Question: Is there a way to append pd4ml rendered pdf in an existing pdf file?)


    PD4ML deos not rely to any native components or shared resources, so I see no reason for the conflicts.

    If the document merging is the only need for the DLL, I would recommend to use open source iText Java library to process documents, generated by PD4ML.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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