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    Hi All,

    Following is my scenario.

    I have 3 HTML contents that are merged into 1 wrapped HTML and this wrapper HTML is converted to pdf document using pd4ml.

    Out of the 3 smaller HTMLs, 1st one is a dynamically expandable content based on what user inputs other 2 HTMLs are static content(forms).

    Our printers are dual page printers.

    Now the 2nd and 3rd HTML content need to be printed on separate pages meaning they need to start on “odd” page numbers,so that when pdf is printed, the 2nd and 3rd HTML contents do not print on back side(even page) of each other or the back side of the last page of 1st HTML.

    Everything works fine when the 1st HTML content comes up to even pages, when 1st HTML content comes to odd page, the 2nd HTML is printing on odd page(back side) of the 1st HTML’s last page.

    I am using after the 1st HTML, does not seem to work.

    Also another requirement is we only need to display page number on 2nd HTML.

    Any help is appreciated.



    It seems there is a clash of even/odd alignment and suppression of trailing blank pages logic. We’ve just resolved it in the DEV build.

    Regarding the page numbering: try to place the following header (or footer) definitions before opening tag.


    Page $[page] of $[total]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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