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    Hi Team

    when we have upgraded the pd4ml to 397 issue, we are having a small issue now. When we have a registered sign, its coming properly in page, but in the bookmark, seeing the text with invalid characters

    For example,


    can be seen in the page, but its coming with invalid characters

    Please help me how to resolve this,

    we have the code
    pd4ml.useTTF(“java:defaultfonts”, true); in our application



    Please let us know the update on this issue, we have a licence and not getting any response for the issue


    pd4ml.useTTF(“java:defaultfonts”, true) would take effect only in a case, if your application includes a JAR with TTF font files placed defaultfonts/ folder of the JAR.

    Try to do the following:
    1. Upgrade to v398fx1 and test. If it does not resolve the issue, proceed to #2

    2. Try to generate a font mapping file for the standard OS fonts:
    java -jar pd4ml.jar -configure.fonts c:/windows/fonts c:/work/
    In the case useTTF() API call should look like that:
    pd4ml.useTTF( “c:/work/”, true );
    Test it.

    3. If the above helped, create a JAR file with chosen fonts, as described by the link above

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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