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    I am using pd4ml 350 pro version, I am performing some trials to verify if pd4ml can embed a GDT font and display correct symbols inside pdf.
    I followed steps mentioned in section “7.1 TTF embedding” to configure fonts directory.

    I am trying to convert following html to PDf with Ascii and Unicode character values for one of the GDT symbol,

    ASCII : é Unicode : é

    part of sample java code I wrote to test is as follows,
    String strFilePath = “D:/tempGDt.pdf”;
    File output = new File(strFilePath); fos = new;
    StringBuffer sbTemp = new StringBuffer(““);

    PD4ML html = new PD4ML();
    html.setHtmlWidth( 870 );
    html.setPageSize( new java.awt.Dimension(842, 595) );
    html.setPageInsets( new java.awt.Insets(30, 30, 30, 30) );
    html.useTTF( “D:/fonts”, true );

    StringReader sr = new StringReader(sbTemp.toString());
    html.render(sr, fos);

    When above code is executed, a PDF file is generated with blank pages. Following is the debug log,
    version: PD4ML 350 Pro
    not yet in cache: file:D:/fonts/
    new parse attempt with: UTF8
    not yet in cache: file:D:/fonts/arial.ttf
    read ‘arial’ from file:D:/fonts/arial.ttf
    not yet in cache: file:D:/fonts/gdtex.ttf
    read ‘gdtex’ from file:D:/fonts/gdtex.ttf
    done in 278ms.

    Can anyone please answer whats going wrong, or if I am missing anything.
    I have tried same stuff with latest released pro trial, it also outputs a blank pdf without any hint in debug log as whats going wrong.


    Can anyone please answer above query!!.
    Also Is there any specific criteria for a TTF file to be compatible with PD4ML pro version. Is there a way to confirm that a TTF is compatible with PD4ML.


    Did you try the most recent (trial) version 390b2 of PD4ML Pro?

    Hopefully the issue of v350, you faced with, has been already solved in recent releases.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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