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    We are having issues using minified stylesheets with Pd4ml. See enclosed files. Both are completely identical, except for the linebreaks added after all ‘;’ characters in stylesheet_ok.css.

    If we use stylesheet_error.css, pd4ml does not seem to use correct font and font-sizes as defined in the stylesheet. Using stylesheet_ok .css the result is as is expected.


    Reuploaded the stylesheets as text files due to security warnings.

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    Hi! Is the issue with all font sizes from the stylesheet, or there are only particular ones do not work?

    Or just publish here a couple or not working CCS selectors, we can use in our tests.

    Thanks in advance!



    See the stylesheets I added yesterday. The font-family and font-size of the class .i-text-normal {} are loaded correctly using stylesheet_ok.css, but are skipped using stylesheet_error.css. Both files are identical except for the added line breaks in stylesheet_ok.css.

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