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    At first: great work, the tag looks like it is all I need. I am currently evaluating your tag for my project, so far it seems like we will use it.

    However, I did notice some issues but then again, I might have a bit of a nasty use-case.

    Based on certain data from the DB, I use JSP tags & pure html to create tables and charts on my page (the chart being a html table where one column is filled with a div, the div contains the images of dynamic width). To make things even more complicated, I have to use 2 divs: 1 to display a certain score in the chart and second one to create an overlay chart (standard deviation). So at first sight the complete chart looks like a mix between a bar chart and a gantt chart.

    To implement this I use two relatively positioned divs in one td to produce the overlay. This works perfectly well when I display the page in HTML. However, when I transform this to PDF, the containing td cell (and the table row as well), gets blown out – the height of the row becomes about two times the necessary size and constraining the height using CSS of height attributes does not work.

    <br /> <td><br /> <div id="scorediv" style="position: relative; ..."><img .../> <img ... />... </div><br /> <div id="overlay" style="position:relative; ..."><img .../><img .../></div><br /> </td><br />

    The issue disappears when I use absolute positioning for the second div so I have a workaround. Just thought I will let you know…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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