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    we have a Lotus Domino application that produces PDF files with PD4ML Libraries (Java version).

    The application uses TTF Font IDAutomationHI25M.ttf to print a Barcode.

    We had this application perfectly running with a 7.0.x domino server. Now we had to upgrade the server to 8.5.3 and the barcode shows like in the attached file.

    The XML produced by dxl.exportDxl(tmp) is:


    where the string “ÀU+!!$Ô is the Interleaved 2 of 5 encoding of number 5210000003 (as required by the fonts) while
    the char string “ev8iAAAABwAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABiYXJjb2RlAA==” seems to be added by exportDxl function.

    The second line (in the attached pdf) shows the same value (“ÀU+!!$Ô) print using a IDAutomation font which is NOT present in the jar file neither in the c:windowsfonts directory. The misteryous string still appears.

    Does any of you have any idea?

    thanks a lot


    UnDecoding Base64 the string:


    with the text “barcode” at the end (that comes from the final part of the string AABiYXJjb2RlAA==)

    In fact that field is a BARCODE…

    even though this doesn’t help me :-< -t-


    The garbage looks like UTF-8 wrongly interpreted as Latin-1. Should be solvable with an XSL adjustment. Could you please publish a DXL sample, which causes such problem?


    thanks for the quick answer

    the code I use is:

    Document tmp = db.createDocument();
    RichTextItem rti = tmp.createRichTextItem(“PD4MLBody”);
    DxlExporter dxl = session.createDxlExporter();
    dxl.setConvertNotesBitmapsToGIF(true); => in this case il useless
    dxl.setOutputDOCTYPE(false); => tried with (true) but is the same
    String xml = dxl.exportDxl(tmp);

    and the string “xml” contains


    where the last part has something to do with the Base64 Encode of the Barcode.

    I don’t know how to export a DXL in a different way … sorry



    Could you please send the entire DXL and its resulting PDF to support pd4ml com?

    I tried to convert the snippet you sent with our actual XSL and it printed only “ÀU+!!$Ô (well, we do not have the needed barcode font to test). Base64 portion has been suppressed by directive.


    here you are

    I attach PDF, xls, xml, html.

    We had PD4ML 3.6.0, now we’re performing the test with 3.8.1

    You are very kind :->

    tommaso spazzali


    I converted the DXL with the actual XSL and as for me it seems to be correct (except a missing barcode font issue).

    I have attached the conversion result and the XSL stylesheet (which can be also taken from the actual Dxl2Pdf package: )


    It’s true, it works

    thanks really a lot!


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