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    I’d like to use the multicolumn feature of PD4ML Professional via PHP.

    does not work. Probably, this is just for JSP integrations.

    (As seen on

    Likewise, pageOrientation does not work via transform, but needs to be set on the command line.

    Is there any way to use PD4ML’s multicolumn feature with PHP?

    Thanks!… Nico


    We’ve simply forgotten to add a corresponding command-line parameter to the API method. Now it is implemented and going to be available with the new beta next week.

    Syntax: -multicolumn 3,10mm or -multicolumn 3,12pt


    That’s really cool! My client is pretty dependant on this feature, so I can’t wait for the new beta. 🙂



    Do you know when the new beta will be available? We cannot continue with this PDF project unless multicolumn is supported.

    TIA… Nico

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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