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    I’m trying to generate PDF file in memory using MemoryStream. But MemoryStream is closed and unaviable for reading after render method is completed.

    I have seen an example on how to do it in Java using ByteArrayOutputStream but no example was provided in .NET.

    Thank you

    MemoryStream msPDF = new MemoryStream();
    pd4ml.render(msHTML,msPDF, new System.Uri(“http://localhost/cf”));
    byte[] baPDF = new byte[msPDF.Length];//this line produces an exception
    msPDF.Read(baPDF,0,(int) msPDF.Length);


    Exactly the same thing happens to me


    This is a common problem with MemoryStream usage in code ported from java.

    Try this workaround (it works fine for me):
    Basically decorate the underlying memory stream (the argument to StreamWriter) as:
    streamWriter(new NonDisposingStreamDecorator(memoryStream))


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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