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    Is there any documentation available that is specific to the .NET platform?

    I am using the trial version and have questions concerning the installation and capabilities of PD4ML. I looked at the .NET sample on your website and the one that comes in the download, but those samples do not cover all the issues as nicely as the existing Java documentation. I am an ex-java developer, so I do not have issue with utilizing the documentation that is there, but I do have questions concerning the setup in .NET. Here are a few of them:

    1) I understand of use of the PD4ML dlls in the code-behind modules to convert html to pdf, and that works fine. Although, I have been unable to get some of the tags to work within the ASP page like transform and the watermarking. I realize java makes use of taglibs to render content. How is this accomplished with the .NET version?

    2) I continue to have issues with using css margins and padding not working with nested relative divs even though it works fine all all major browsers. Absolute divs seem to behave a bit better. Any advice on this would be helpful.

    3) In the absense of .NET specific docs, is the .NET version of PD4ML a full Pro version that should match in functionality to the Java documentation posted on your website?



    Since my last post I have been able to resolve most of my formatting issues by framing most everything I do on a page inside a table. Absolute and relative positioning seems to behave much better within the confines of a table.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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