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    version: PD4ML 370fx2 DMS Pro
    As specified in one of the support forums. I used the following html to be generated to pdf . However the pdf is not correctly generated. I am embedding the fonts available in /windows/fonts . We are already using a PD4ML license and this is a high priority issue .

    اهلا وسهلا
    Добро пожаловать

    following is the log
    version: PD4ML 370fx2 DMS Pro
    not yet in cache: file:D:/examples/
    ‘serif’ is not in file
    reject TTF lookup for: ‘serif’
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/times.ttf
    read ‘times new roman’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/times.ttf
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/arial.ttf
    read ‘arial’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/arial.ttf
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/msgothic.ttc
    read ‘ms gothic’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/msgothic.ttc
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/mingliu.ttc
    read ‘mingliu’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/mingliu.ttc
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/simsun.ttc
    read ‘simsun’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/simsun.ttc
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/mangal.ttf
    read ‘mangal’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/mangal.ttf
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/david.ttf
    read ‘david’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/david.ttf
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/gulim.ttc
    read ‘gulim’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/gulim.ttc
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/wingding.ttf
    read ‘wingdings’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/wingding.ttf
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/symbol.ttf
    read ‘symbol’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/symbol.ttf
    not yet in cache: file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/lsans.ttf
    read ‘lucida sans regular’ from file:C:/WINDOWS/Fonts/lsans.ttf
    done in 1734ms.

    Am I missing something here?
    -Binod Garg

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