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    i have some documents that contain businuess numbers like 12/354/9809 , when i display it on the html it looks just fine but when i try to convert it into pdf then the previous number displays as follows 9809/354/12 . also the direction for the page is rtl as it contains arabic text .

    so what do you think


    We’ve just updated the Arabic ligaturizer of PD4ML to solve the issue. The fix will be available with the new (beta) release.


    thank you very much , i will be waiting for this beta version …. thanks again


    The version v371b10 is already in the download area, however in order to find it you need to expand “All available versions and builds”.


    i have tried the version you indicated and its not working . for that i attached both the html and the generated pdf . so please view them and identify the problem in the numbers ordering



    The screenshots you sent are not readable (obviously you used the worst JPEG compression level and the text appears as blury clouds). Also screenshots do not help us to resolve problem – they are only images and there is nothing to analyze.

    Please attach or send a HTML source and the corresponding PDF result.


    ok , please find in the attached folder two files one is index.html which contains the source html and one named generated_pdf.pdf which is the resultant pdf and let me just signify the part in which we faced the issue

    here is part that contains the issue as it appears in the source html

    الرقـــم : 28/2/1
    التاريــخ : 03/01/2011 م
    الموافــق : 27/محرم /1432 هـ

    now the issue as you would have seen in the attached pdf is with direction of the above numbers

    thank you very much


    Thank you, now the issue is clear and the description is sufficient.
    It looks we fixed the issue now. Please contact support pd4ml com if you would like to test the solution before we released it.


    Thank you very much
    i will contact support but what should i tell them so that they give me the updated JARs that contain the solution to this issue



    just suply your request with a reference to the topic

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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