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    I am using v4.0.9fx5 to convert HTML documents to PDF.

    Documents have footer with page number using “$[page]”. Unfortunately page number upper than 9 are not full. Only the first digit is print -eg “1” instead of “10”, “11” or “101”.

    I tried to use “$[page]/$[total]” but I still have a strange print. Anyway I would like to use “$[page]” on my final print.

    Any help is welcome.


    Note 1: I am upgrading from v4.0.8 and it worked well using this version.
    Note 2: The attachment is a example of my trouble. I try without css and with. First line is “$[page]” and second is “$[page]/$[total]”

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    Having the same issue with pd4ml 4.0.9fx5. Any update on it?


    Having the same issue with pd4ml 4.1.0. Any update on it please ?


    Hi! The issue has been fixed on 2021-10-28 in v4.0.10. Also the most recent v4.1.0 snapshot has to include the bugfix.
    Please give it a try.


    I’m converting from html to pdf using Java (Using pd4ml 4.0.10 in maven):
    For eg:
    public static void convert(String inputFile, File output) throws InvokeException, IOException { PD4ML pd4ml = new PD4ML(); PageSize pageSize = new PageSize(600, 842); pd4ml.setPageSize(pageSize); PageMargins pageMargins = new PageMargins(70, 36, 56, 36); pd4ml.setPageMargins(pageMargins); File file = new File(inputFile); FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream(file); pd4ml.readHTML(is, null,; FileOutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(output); pd4ml.writePDF(outputStream, "pdf"); }

    Html for the footer:
    <pd4ml:page.footer scope="1"> <section class="export-page-footer"> <tr > <td class="right"> <span class="pagenum">pag. $[page]</span> </td> </tr> </section> </pd4ml:page.footer>

    Still shows me as:
    pag. 1 for all pages from 10-19, after pag.9
    and pag. 2 for all pages from 20-29, etc..

    Any help would be appreciated.



    This issue is not yet fixed in 4.0.10 and still persists in 4.0.13. Is there any plan to fix?



    Created HELPD-385 ticket


    Hi, I generated a pdf file with headers and footers but when rotating a page, the headers and footers are also rotated. How to avoid header and footer rotation when switching from landscape to portrait orientation ?

    PD4ML version : 4.0.9fx5 (also tried with 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT)

    Thank you for your help

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