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    I have successfully built a test component which uses PD4ML to create a PDF from my test HTML document, but when I tried to hook this into the service I need to demonstrate it from, the pd4ml reference is rejected because it lacks a strong name.

    Is this something I can tweak around in my C# project settings, or do I need a build of PD4ML with a strong name key included in it?


    In order to workaround the issue try to run a command-line (on the target machine) like the following upon all DLLs, distributed with PD4ML.NET:

    [language=java:xajheamm]sn.exe -Vr pd4ml.dll[/language:xajheamm]


    Verification skipping is not allowed on these dll’s;
    “pd4ml.dll does not represent a strongly named assembly”

    Knew I was gonna have to read that part of the manual one day…


    I’ve requested a special build to workaround the issue. Hopefully it will be ready tomorrow.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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