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    Good morning,

    We purchased pd4ml license in september 2023, two weeks ago we have released the function using it. Since then, several problems arised in our system. We investigated the problem deeply and introducing debug we discovered that pd4ml redirects System.err of JVM. We inroduced a workaround to avoid the problem but the solution is not optimal. As far as we know, this behavior is not documented and it caused several problems to our company in terms of time spended in discovering the problem. The problem is present even in the last version, 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT. Is it possible to fix the problem in order to avoid workaround which are not an optimal solution?

    Best regards


    Hi! Right, PD4ML redirects System.err, but only during particular single actions: by an internal AWT image creation and by parsing SVG and mathML – to suppress non-switchable warnings to avoid log file flooding.

    A redirecting of System.err is not a perfect idea as it impacts the entire JVM for very short time, but since we added the redirect long time ago there we no problem reports from our customers.

    It can be disabled by -Dpd4ml.enable.stderr.redirects=false command line parameter, passed to JVM


    Thank you very much for the fast reply and thanks for the suggestion.

    We suggest you adding to the documentation this behavior and the solution.

    Best regards.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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