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    I have a couple of questions regarding converting documents by array of URLs:
    1. Is RTF conversion of array of URLs supported in v4? There are separate methods to read and write, and I don’t see any API taking an array or list. I was able to workaround this using PDF merge feature, but probably there is more straight way?
    2. Was rendering by array of URLs for RTF supported in v3? PDF works fine for me, but for RTF it takes only 1st document and ignores others. Please see code snippet and resulting rtf file attached.

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    1. Right, there is no possibility to pass an array of URLs or input streams anymore. In our plans to support a possibility to call readHTML() multiple times: to append new docs to already loaded one(s). Before the feature is implemented, you may just merge multiple HTML docs to a single one and pass it to PD4ML at once.

    2. It was not supported in v3. A workaround is the same as in #1: merge HTMLs before the conversion.


    Thank you for clarification!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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