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    Greetings. Hope you are all well! I am using pd4ml to render a HTML stream as pdf. Legacy code uses PD4ML_ABSOLUTE_ADDRESS_SPACE and i am not sure what this constant does. Can someone please let me know the use of this constant?

    java.util.Map m = new java.util.HashMap();
    m.put(org.zefer.pd4ml.PD4Constants.PD4ML_ABSOLUTE_ADDRESS_SPACE, “document”);



    Hi! PD4ML_ABSOLUTE_ADDRESS_SPACE=document forced older versions of PD4ML to ignore impact of page breaks on the vertical coordinate axis.
    Let’s say you have an image absolutely positioned at y=200px and it still fits the first page of the document, and in your document there is a forced page break at 100px.
    With PD4ML_ABSOLUTE_ADDRESS_SPACE=document the image was placed still on the first page, but regular flow content with y>100px went to the next.
    With PD4ML_ABSOLUTE_ADDRESS_SPACE=page the image was placed on the next page as the regular flow content with y>100px.

    The option is not supported by v4 (until a customer request). The current behavior matches PD4ML_ABSOLUTE_ADDRESS_SPACE=page


    Hi, Thank you, Even though i am using PD4ML v4.0.13, i see there are old classes from org.zefer.pd4ml still available, Are you saying that org.zefer.pd4ml.PD4Constants.PD4ML_ABSOLUTE_ADDRESS_SPACE = document is no longer supported?



    The org.zefer.pd4ml classes in v4 are to support v4 JAR as a drop-in replacement for v3. The classes translate old API calls to the new ones where it is possible.

    PD4ML_ABSOLUTE_ADDRESS_SPACE = document behavior tried to simulate pagination logic of HTML printing in older Web browsers. As far as I know, modern browsers does not break pages that way anymore. So we did not try to reimplement the feature in v4 (yet).


    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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