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    We are trying to generate PDFs from HTML-Pages built by the use of HTML-Templates. Inside the templates we use and to define the Page-Header.
    The Conversions is done by a command-line call to java -jar pd4ml …
    Now it seems that PD4ML set the header-size initially to 15 and when the header get larger, it gets truncated. We tried to set the header size manually to a larger value in the file but it seems not to have any effect on the conversion. Is the file the rigth place to do it and if so, is there any change neccessary to the command-line call to make pd4ml use it?
    Also we tried to change our HTML-template file to
    That actually does work for the header height but has the sideeffect that page-numbering inside the header with $[page] and $[total] now does not work anymore. Also the complete footer defined in the template-file is now ignored.
    Redefinig the initial page number inside the header with
    has now no effect at all. Is there any other way to do?
    Thanks in advance.


    PD4ML offers 3 different ways to define headers/footers, which is sometimes confusing.

    First please take a look to the description:

    It seems you mixed up (inline header, supported by PD4ML renderer directly) with (JSP custom tag, mapped to PD4ML API call).

    implementation is close to any HTML block tag, so you may just use height or style attribute to define the header area height.


    We try to specify the header directly within the HTML-file. We use …HEADER_CODE… to define it.
    Since the Header_code could get larger, it simply gets truncated at a certain height of the header. Giving a height attribut to the -Tag, has no effect on that behaviour and seems to be ignored.

    When we tried to change the header-heigt within the Java-API it also had no effect. Couldt it be that the settings inside the API get useless when inside of the HTML to be converted another -Tag is used?


    The maximal header or footer height is limited by 1/3 of the page height. The limitation is currently hardcoded, but in theory we can implement a possibility to dynamically change it.


    Do we have any option to increase the size of header more 1/3 of page ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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