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    I have successfully built and deployed a PDF Generation solution using outline=”anchors”. Now I am trying to create a “headings” based solution and the result is incorrect. Can an example be posted that works based on the headings?

    The general flow of the page is:


    First Inner

    Second Inner

    Third Inner

    The generated bookmarks are of the outline form…
    <br /> - Title<br /> + Title<br /> - First Inner<br /> + First Inner<br /> - Second Inner<br /> + Second Inner<br /> - Third Inner<br /> + Third Inner<br />

    When it should be…

    <br /> + Title<br /> + First Inner<br /> + Second Inner<br /> + Third Inner<br />

    Further, the presents an appropriate hierarchy… What is necessary to create a set of PDF bookmarks that match the toc exactly?

    Can a small, complete taglib-based example be posted?


    I used your exact sample HTML code and got a result as expected (see attachment).

    I would suspect there are some unclosed

    tags in your original document.

    If the reason of the corrupted bookmarks structure is still not clear, please send to PD4ML support the document to analyze.


    It ended up being the file. If destinations=true and the tag specifies headings, you end up with a very strange set of bookmarks.


    We’ve just cleaned up the outline generation code and now it works correctly in all modes. The fix will be available with v351b12 (or most probably we’ll skip b12 and publish it as the final release)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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