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    Had a confusing problem with PD4ML on my system, and wondered if anyone else had experienced it too.

    We have a system that uses PD4ML within JSPs to generate PDFs. If we linked to one image within the PDF (either just once or several times) the PDF generated fine. If however we linked more than one image within the PDF then the PDF would not generate properly, and the user would be asked to download the file by the Browser as it was an unrecognized application-octet stream. This happened whether we used IE, Firefox or Chrome. It also didn’t matter whether I accessed the system on the machine that had ZoneAlarm on it, or from another machine (that didn’t have ZoneAlarm) on our network.

    After much experimentation, including turning on PD4ML debug which showed all the images were being referenced and loaded fine as far as it was concerned, I discovered that turning off ZoneAlarm on the machien that was running the system made the problem go away. There was nothing in any logs for ZoneAlarm, our system or on the computer to indicate what it was that was causing this problem so I’ve had to leave ZoneAlarm turned off for now.

    Anyone else come across something similar, and know of anyway to convince ZoneAlarm (or other firewall programs I guess) not to interfere with PD4ML?



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