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    I am evaluating pd4ml and have run into a problem where, when my test html file references a png image, the image in the resultant pdf file comes out garbled.

    I’ve tested converting the png image to gif, and then the resultant pdf file renders the image correctly, so I’m wondering if there are known bugs regarding png images?



    An HTML document sample and its PDF output, sent to support pd4ml com would help us to analyze the problem reasons.


    Sure, here’s the sample html I’m using (just using wikipedia’s png logo to test):


    And I’ve attached the pdf output.


    Well, it seems to be .NET specific issue. I’ve just tested with Java version – everything is ok. See attached.

    Which version of PD4ML do you use?


    Hi, yes, we are using the .Net version:


    As I see the issue impacts PNG24 images with alpha (translucency) layer only. We’ve been working on a bugfix.


    Thank you. Please let me know when the fix is available.



    I am converting google charts to SVG images using bellow article

    Here I am getting SVG image path using canvas.toDataURL(), By using this path I can show image in html but not in PD4ML pdf as it is throwing an error
    ‘ERROR STDERR – Bad Base64 input character at 6644: 59(decimal)’.
    can u please tell me how to show svg images in PD4ML files.



    Unfortunately PD4ML does not support JavaScript and Canvas – so most probably that is the problem reason.

    On the other hand if you generate the chart in a regular browser, extract the image as a base64-encoded data URL and pass the image to PD4ML to be converted to PDF – the trick may work.

    In the case it would help if you send us a typical data URL, obtained with canvas.toDataURL(). We’ll check what could be done.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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