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    Is there a possibility to set metadata (Title, LANG) for PDF UA feature through PD4ML api rather than in the content of HTML?
    I’ve found a sample where this data is passed in HTML tags. I’m trying to use PD4ML.addMetadata(“lang”, “DE-de”, false) method but it seems does not change language metadata.
    Could you please suggest an option?



    Hi Nina,

    the title can be set with void setDocumentTitle(String title) API call. But with lang it is a bit more tricky.

    Try the following:
    pd4ml.addStyle("HTML, BODY {lang: DE-de !important}", true);


    Thank you, it works!
    One more question, is that possible to set other metadata values (Subject, Keywords, Creator, Producer, CreationDate, ModDate and Trapped) using something like PD4ML.set*** similarly to setDocumentTitle() and setAuthorName()? I cannot find corresponding methods for these fields in the PD4ML class api.


    See addMetadata() Javadoc

    The method updates PDF’s XMP metadata.

    Note, that date may appear in PDF in two different formats.

    XMP metadata: “2009-11-27T18:25:45+01:00”
    PDF info object: “D:20091127182545+01’00′”

    So you’ll probably also need to call pd4ml.setParam(Constants.PD4ML_DOCUMENT_DATE, "D:20091127211216+01'00'"); to keep the doc dates in sync


    addMetadata() tells that I should not use keys for standard properties:

    key – a unique name, which must not be one of the standard property names Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, Creator, Producer, CreationDate, ModDate and Trapped

    So, could you please confirm that I can use addMetadata() method to set these properties?


    Sorry for the misleading hint. You are right, addMetadata() is a wrong way.

    PD4ML allows to override “Creator” via environment variable:
    System.getProperty( “pd4ml.creator.application”, cLogo );


    can be set in <head> section of HTML with i.e <meta name=”Keywords” content=”test meta”>



    can be set in section of HTML with i.e

    last post seems to be incomplete, could you please update?


    Updated. See the comment above.
    If you copy-paste the meta tag, please make sure the copied double quotes are regular (not typographical).

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