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    PDFs rendered using the same HTML Template from 2 different environment are NOT same.

    We use 3.9.9 version of pd4ml with our software. We use pdf4ml jar to render/save the PDFs from the HTML templates.

    As part of our Business requirements, we are migrating to AWS cloud and what we observed in our testing is that, the PDFs generated in AWS environment are not exactly same as the ones generated in our previous environment.

    Issues Observed :
    1. All the HTML Templates are designed to have a footer (Company Logo/information etc.,). In AWS environment, when these HTML Templates are converted to PDFs, only the footer information is going to second page. In the previous environment, everything perfectly fits in one page (using the same HTML Template). when the PDFs are printed, users need to waste an extra page just to print the footer alone in second page.

    2. Size of the font also decreased in AWS environment.

    As said above, We use the same HTML template and same version of pd4ml jar.

    Can you let us know how can we resolve this issue.


    Hi! Minimalistic PDF samples, created in the two environments, would help a lot to analyze the difference reason.
    Please email them to helpdesk pd4ml com.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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