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    on setting password in my test run on ubuntu i get every time i try to set a permission this below shown exception.

    doing this:
    pd4ml.setPermissions(if(password.trim.isEmpty) "empty" else password ,0xffffffff)
    I want to modify it with change permissions like this:
    pd4ml.setPermissions( "test", Constants.DefaultPermissions ^ Constants.AllowFillingForms )

    always getting the same error.

    java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot read the array length because "buf" is null at java.base/<init>( at com.pd4ml.pdf.encryption.s.o00000(y:3227) at com.pd4ml.pdf.parser.obj.f.o00000(y:1998) at com.pd4ml.pdf.parser.d.o00000(y:1818) at com.pd4ml.pdf.parser.d.o00000(y:1849) atÒ00000(y:1055) at at com.pd4ml.PD4ML.writePDF(y:1482) at com.pd4ml.PD4ML.writePDF(y:151) at de.heilpraktikerelbmarsch.pdf.PDFPrinter.writePdf(PDFPrinter.scala:80) at$anonfun$generatePdf$10(PdfServiceController.scala:358)

    current version i am using: 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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