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    I have an html file that contains a graph and when converted to pdf using pd4ml, the graph is missing some part of the horizontal lines. The attach contains the converted pdf file along with the html file (mm.txt does not contain the whole content of the original html file because when uploading it as a whole, there was some problem. So I have included everything within the body tags).

    Thanks in advance.


    It is difficult to analyze the HTML without the images and other resources.

    as I see the page layout is build as a big table with graphic elements placed to cells. As such layout very sensitive to cell content, it could be a cell from the same column, but from a different row stretches the entire column and causes the gaps.

    I would recommend to temporarily enable the main table borders:



    and to visually check what can stretch the column (or to make sure that is not a column width problem).


    I have set the border of the table to 1 as you advised and actually you are right. The gap is occurring when the cell containing the horizontal line part is stretched out. In the html file preview that cell is not stretched out and everything looks fine. But for some reason when the html preview is converted to pdf, that cell get stretched.

    Is there a way to avoid this…?


    There are some cells (or cell content) which stretch the columns more than expected. I would try to reduce font size for the block sells (“Human Resources Sync Change”), or any explicitly given content width of nested elements (if any).

    A more tricky, but probably more robust workaround would be to change actual







Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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