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    I trying justify my documents, but in right side something its wrong.
    It is possible carefully justify right side of docum (first page)?
    I use 3.7.1b4 ver.



    The document properties tell, that the PDF has been generated with v303b5, so first I would recommend to try the most recent version.


    most recent version:
    first example, almost good (docum width=600),
    second and third unwell (width 580, 620)

    <br /> <html><br /> <head><br /> <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><br /> </head><br /> <body><br /> Page #1<br /> <div><br /> <table border=0 ><br /> <tr><br /> <td WIDTH=580><br /> <p style="font-family: Times New Roman;font-size:10pt; text-align:justify"><br /> A AAA AAAAAAA AAAAAA A AAA AAAAAAAAAA v cv v xccvxcv vc xcvxdf bsdf beraqbq e4brqe4r beqrt 35t 35beqr berq bqer bqer ber ber berqb erqb erq berqberq beqr be<br /> rq berqb35 qer berq bqer ber berq brv cvcxvcx berxcvv xcvsaegv seag seg xc v cxvxcz zvcx vxczv zxcv xt35t5 t 35tc351tvx sae gsaecseg vseng seg seg sex cvx bv zxecvr xcvqzxasegcv sfefsefsef seag sea<br /> aseg asesge segasegsg esaegreears gase gase gaseg aseg saeg aseg saeg ggg sea ges age g segsegsesae gesaeg sar eegg snreagsase gaseagseg xczbnpklepq, pbl eplbqerp blerlpqbqerpkbl erpqblp[erqkxzcv xcv 4 t34tb3 4 tp3 4[e qerp bklqerpq blblq as egsae gsea gseag aseeeanenreanrn re nrtn trnrtnrtw rt wtntr5 nwt gseag esagsa gqereg seag asegrhg er ghrbgsrwghagh aer hrnart ntn tr ntr nrtnrtw qer nrqergn gwrtn wrntrnwrt tynwr nwrnryn wtnwrn trnwrr tnwtyrnh wrynw twrn rnhwrynrtwn rn rtnrtwnr htrhqagre hkqh opqerjgoirejqgiojriogjqeroi gqeior qer qe<br /> r gqqergergre g eqer grqergg q reeg qerg qrqeg gerg gerq gq gqerr qerg greqe4g qrerq ger qergqwerg erg qer gerg erhqrerherqh erhe qrh erq herq herq h gqer<br /> <br /> <BR/><BR/><BR/><br /> <br /> Ponizej umieszczona jest informacja o widniejacych na Pani rachunku Osobach Wskazanych. Zgodnie z art. 131 ust. 1 ustawy z dnia 28 sierpnia 1997 r. o organizacji i funkcjonowaniu funduszy emerytalnych<br /> (tekst jednolity: <nobr>Dz. U. z 2010 r. nr 34, poz. 189), jezeli w chwili smierci czlonek otwartego funduszu pozostawal w zwiazku malzeńskim, fundusz dokonuje wyplaty transferowej polowy srodkow zgromadzonych na rachunku zmarlego czlonka funduszu na rachunek jego wspolmalzonka w otwartym funduszu emerytalnym, w zakresie, w jakim srodki te stanowily przedmiot malzeńskiej wspolnosci majatkowej.<br /> Zgodnie z art. 132 ust. 1 ww. ustawy srodki, ktore nie zostana wykorzystane zgodnie z art. 131 przekazywane sa Osobom Wskazanym, a w przypadku ich braku, wchodza w sklad spadku.<br /> <br /> </p><br /> </td><br /> </tr><br /> </table><br /> </div><br /> </body><br /> </html><br />


    The only robust solution for the time being is to use TTF Embedding feature of PD4ML Pro.


    Currently you generate PDFs rely on built-in Acroread fonts. Obviously font metrics of the fonts (used by PD4ML library) are not precise enough to output perfect text right edges (or it used wrong metrics – we need to investigate into the issue).


    the same example with embedded fonts



    It is quite strange. I’ve attached a doc, generated on my workstation.

    It looks like in your case it still uses wrong font metrics. We’ll check what is wrong with your doc.


    I prepared a small test
    unix and wines documents look the same
    in unix I have only specified font
    I use the font –
    justification does not look good
    it is possible to do better?

    I removed jars from tar (to reduce it below 265), you need to upload
    fonts.jar, ss_css2.jar and pd4ml_demopro.jar 371b4


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