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    I’m employee from company named VivereBrasil, a we are using you PD4ML lib. Some time in our body text, only in PDF file, result from renderizing process, shows a P tag with a style=”text-align: justify;” with a break in a wrong place, as showed in attached file.


    The issue is not reproducible on our workstations with v380fx8. Could you please re-test it with the actual version – recently we slightly refined line break logic.


    We’ve tryed, through our tests reproduce this issue with the new version and the problem appears solved.
    Thank you all.


    The problem is back. Some paragraphs int HTML P TAG have been broken, but in random form.


    Which version do you currently use?

    Please publish (or send to the support) the document source and its resulting PDF.


    Hello, the probem is back.
    I’m using version 380fx9.


    I’ve tried with a new 381 version.
    The problem appearly isn’t solved, according with hardcopies of PDF file.


    I sent a email with all evidences and files.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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