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    I have a form where there is a texarea. Inside this textarea i put some html in javascript, then i do the form submit to a jsp that has the following code:

    <br /> <%<br /> String stampa = request.getParameter("h_stampa");<br /> %><br /> <%@ taglib uri="" prefix="pd4ml" %><br /> <pd4ml:transform<br /> screenWidth="996"<br /> pageFormat="A4"<br /> pageOrientation="porttrait"<br /> pageInsets="10,10,10,10,points"<br /> enableImageSplit="false"><br /> <%=stampa %><br /> </pd4ml:transform><br />

    This works, but when the PDF opens in the browser (The problem is only in Chrome, in IE and FF it works), if I save it, I see a blank pdf with only written “null”.

    The strange thing is that the pdf opens correctly in Chrome, and if i print it’s ok. But it saves a blank pdf.

    If I put the html directly inside the jsp, the pdf is printed correctly.

    How is possible that it doesn’t work with dynamic html?



    Currently PD4ML does not support JavaScript in source HTML/JSP. I guess you could also do the field initialization with some Java code in JSP.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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