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    Hi All,

    Please direct me whether I can achieve the below requirement.

    I have a table which will extend to 3, 4 pages. If it breaks to mulitple pages, I have to repeat the header of table which I am able to do with the solution defined in the support forum using enableSmartTableBreaks and its working with


    But in this, if I have to repeat something in the table footer, for example, my table contains a lot of icons and want to show the icons information at the bottom of table in every page that this table is included, so would like to know whether I can repeat a section at the bottom of table in multiple pages. Please suggest wheter its acheivable and how we can do it?

    Sarin Ts



    Could you please give me an update on this, because this is a requirement from a big client using PD4ML, if we can’t give a solution/alternative, we might have to check for another libraries.

    Sarin TS

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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