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    I am generating a PDF that contains HTML sup tags for footnote superscript references.

    The problem is that when the superscript number is generated into the PDF, the line height for the entire line is adjusted. is there any way to keep that from happening so it will work like a normal superscript?


    The issue is to be fixed with the forthcoming maintenance release.


    Very good. Thank you!


    Hey there…so we bought and implemented v3.8.0fx9 and now the footnote references spill into the line of text above them.

    We’ll probably need to go back to fx7 until this can be fixed but is there a fix coming?


    In the versions prior to v3.8.0fx8 an appearance of superscript text impacted the line height (and a gap between lines). Now the problem is solved, but you faced with a drawback of the solution.

    It can be worked around either by explicit setting of line height to a greater value (overriding the default line-height: 1.2) or by a decreasing of the superscript font size:

    pd4ml-footnote { font-size: 80% }

    You may add the style to the document itself or with pd4ml.addStyle() API call.


    Cool. Smaller superscripts is something we wanted anyway. We’ll give these solutions a shot. Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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