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    I’m working with a simple table, and I’m coming across some instances where pd4ml refuses to render a cell in the table.

    This fails to render:
    <br /> <table cellspacing="19"><br /> <tr><br /> <td></td><br /> <td><p>Name</p></td><br /> </tr><br /> </table><br />

    But, simply add some newlines, and it’s all better:
    <br /> <table cellspacing="19"><br /> <tr><br /> <td></td><br /> <td><br /> <p>Name</p><br /> </td><br /> </tr><br /> </table><br />

    Or, even stranger, decrease the original table’s cellspacing to 18
    <br /> <table cellspacing="18"><br /> <tr><br /> <td></td><br /> <td><p>Name</p></td><br /> </tr><br /> </table><br />

    This renders fine. What’s the deal?

    Testing Environment:
    PD4ML 3.8.0fx9 pro – Java
    Windows 7 / Linux 2.6.18-238.1.1.el5
    No special Options, just new PD4ML().render


    We reproduced the problem. For the time being there is no good technical explanation why it happens, but it is definitely a bug in our code. We’ll try to resolve the issue asap.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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