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    We are using PD4ML successfully on non SSL sites to generate PDF files.

    A new requirement to use only SSL sites has emerged.

    Currently the programmatic process is:
    1. to capture the page HTML
    2. send the HTML via POST to a controller (MVC system)
    3. controller strips some HTML and redirects to a JSP page (view) the textual HTML (which contains images, etc.) where the JSP page is using PD4ML transform taglib with outputFormat set to PDF

    Since the view JSP page just really takes the textual HTML passed from the controller it is added to the body of the JSP page and the PD4ML taglib executes cleanly on a non-SSL site

    A few links on the PD4ML site and the forum post below mentions to use a custom loader. How can we use the custom loader via PD4ML TagLib?

    Can we use a custom loader via TagLib?

    Has any new support for the SSL of WebLogic and Webspher been added in newer versions?

    @PD4ML wrote:

    But I would recommend you to create a simple custom resource loader:
    and to interpret the “non-standard” paths the way you like.

    … but in our case of using an SSL site, would it point to a non-SSL site? That would not be allowed as non-SSL links are converted to SSL links via the load balancer.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


    > Can we use a custom loader via TagLib?

    yes. Put the compiled .class file to WEB-INF/classes and refer to it in JVM command line as described by the link

    or add a reference to it with custom tags (nested to ):



    BTW: what kind of SSL-relevant exception does it throw in your scenario (and writes to server’s log)? Can you publish a snippet?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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