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    We have a problem on our server with temporary cache files generated by PD4ML(pdtmp*.dat files). PD4ML keeps generating these files and consuming disk space without never clean them (see capture).

    Could you please help with this ?

    Best regards

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    Hi! The described behaviour depends on JVM setting and not-graceful shutdowns of the application, as the .dat files are created with tempFile.deleteOnExit(); property.

    We’d recommend to update to PD4ML v4.0.16 (available as a snapshot build; it is going to be released in few days) with better cache control and change the JVM property to


    Thanks a lot for your answer. We also tried to disable PD4ML cache management by setting this property as FALSE, but it doesn’t seems to have the expected effect : setParam(Constants.PD4ML_CACHE_ENABLE, “false”);

    Could you please confirm that it should disable cache management on resources ?

    Best regards


    That depends on the version. There was a regression, when some properties were not correctly propagated to destination modules (i.e. cache).

    Which PD4ML version do you currently use?


    We are currently using the last release (v4.0.15fx2). Could you please provide us some visibility on the next release date ? Best regards


    v4.0.16, which fixes this issue, is scheduled for release on Monday, May 22, 2023.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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