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    We are evaluating PD4ML and see three issues:

    1. Loading of a style sheet from a link and http://…. does not seem to work. If we insert the style sheet into the html it works. Did we do something wrong?

    2. PD4ML seems to ignore the z-index completely. Is this correct? We have experimented with this and it does not seem to work. Many of our forms are layered and this is an issue.

    3. elements do not place properly for example:

    Thank you,


    Forgot to mention I’m using the latest Java 351 trial pro download as of Dec 8.

    The css link that fails looks like:



    After some more work the


    1. First please make sure, that the server, where PD4ML binaries are, is able to resolve “” into a correct IP address and able to establish a connection to it. Often servers within intranet do not “know” their external (Internet) names, IPs or routing to the IPs.

    If the resources are on the same server where PD4ML is, it makes no practical sense to use fully specified URLs. I would suggest to use relative paths “../images/my.png” (note: there is no leading slash) or absolute web paths “/images/my.png”, but for the second option you need to invoke pd4ml.useServletContext().

    2. z-index works only for absolutely positioned elements.

    3. Currently you may apply absolute positioning to block elements (i.e.


    ) and elements only.


    The SPAN element works with absolute positioning but the INPUT does not?

    Is this correct? About 1/3 of our html forms consist of user filled INPUT elements so this is a big thing. If this is so, please update the reference chart for this.

    Also, are there any plans to implement this?

    Thank you!


    I guess we’ve forgotten to add the absolute positioning possibility to . From Java coding perspective, the implementation of it should be identical to . If it is that simple as “copy-paste” (I expect), we’ll try to include the fix to the forthcoming release.



    Do you have a release date for that yet? (or a rough estimate)


    What about checkboxes and radio buttons?


    We’ve just fixed the positioning problem, but did not test it in untrivial scenarios like nesting of absolute/relative positioned elements.

    Later today we’ll pass v360b1 to QA. If everything is OK, the beta release will be available for download tomorrow after 18:00.

    (checkboxes and radios are fixed too)



    I’ll download that and if it works purchase the PRO.

    PS. Expect a couple of questions in email lol.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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