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    We are using PD4ML with a Volume License to create a multipage PDF.
    At the start of the PDF we wish to add a table of contents with the following Format:

    1. [Title] … [Page Number]
    2. [Title] … [Page Number]

    and so on.
    This works (in a way) by using a chapter title like “

    1. Title

    The Problem appears when there are more than 10 main titles and the numbers are not aligned anymore.

    9. [Title] …
    10. [Title] …

    Now to my questions:

    Is there a way to inject a CSS class into the TOC?
    I tried wrapping the number into a

    and tag but these are apparently stripped for the TOC.

    Since this should be a pretty frequent request could you extend the TOC tag to automatically number the entry’s when a boolean parameter is true?
    Subentry’s could be numbered 1.1 …

    Another good way to do this and not mess up already numbered titles would be to add a chapter title tag and include a numbering parameter that either generates or accepts a number.
    This number would have a styleable CSS class and would be respected by the TOC.

    Or is there another way to solve this problem?




    By the link you may find an info, which reveals what is behind :

    Unfortunately the only workaround for the number alignment problem is like that:


     1. Line 1

     2. Line 2

    10. Line 10

    40. Line 40


    Unfortunately the workaround has its drawbacks:   entities slightly shift chapter names in the the main document, and TOC printed with “Courier New” does not always look matching the main document style.

    An implementation of a proprietary numbering attribute for

    is possible. Please contact support pd4ml com for that. If you are ready to partially fund the implementation – it will speed up the process.

    Thank you for the quick reply.
    Unfortunately the proposed solution will not work for us as we are not allowed to change the used font.
    I will write a feature request email.


    Just replied to the request email.



    Should i just include tag in my html to support TOC or should i define a stylesheet as well.

    Please let me know this it will be of great help thanks


    Normally you don’t need/can’t use a CSS class for the TOC – this was a rather special Case.


    Right, in most of the cases you would only need to add tag where you want to see a table of contents. CSS style is for a “fine tuning”.

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