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    I am unable to render Chinese / Russian characters in the PDF file. The corresponding HTML displays these languages correctly. in PDF, I see the following junk characters for Chinese and Russian respectively.

    Chinese: ç” Ÿæ—¥å¿«ä¹?
    Russian: С днÐμм †‹ †‹ рождÐμниÑ?

    I have tried the solution listed in article which involves copying all TTF (font) files to a directory , generating and then referencing the same in the application using
    pd4ml.useTTF( , true ); method.

    We are using pd4ml pro version. within pd4ml.jar contains the following info..
    Implementation-Title: PD4ML Pro
    Implementation-Version: 381

    Do we need to upgrade to a newer version of pd4ml?

    Please help.



    The junk characters look like wrongly interpreted double byte representations of UNICODE/UTF-8 characters. Try to add tag with a correct character encoding directive to your HTML or use PD4ML API’s render() call with an explicitly given ‘encoding’ parameter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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