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    I’m running a web application in Ruby / Ruby on rails. I’ve used the wrapper you present for Ruby to get started. However this wrapper does not explain how to create header, footer and use of page_break.

    Header and footer are not so critical for me. But page breaks are.
    Is there a way to use without including the taglib ? If not, is there a way to include it on my development envrionment ?

    If there is no way to use page break, then… can you explain to me why there is such an impossibility ? Can’t the java converter look the string ‘‘ in the html document and replace it with a page break ? This way, there is no need for a taglib.

    Another hint which makes me believe that it would be possible somehow is that you say in that php programmer could use the , but no trace of “taglib” in that page.


    You may use in your documents any HTML tag from the list:

    At the bottom of the page you may see PD4ML proprietary tags, which are available in any context (not only in JSP). As you may see is among them.

    FYI: PD4ML JSP taglib is built on the top of PD4ML API. It is only a wrapper for the API functions. For example implicitly creates PD4PageMark object, initializes it with data and passes to PD4ML.

    As long as PD4ML JSP taglib and PD4ML proprietary tags share the same namespace name (), PD4ML JSP taglib includes dummy JSP custom tag implementations for the proprietary tags. For example has, of course, no corresponding API call. It simply outputs itself “as is” to be processed by PD4ML parser.


    I’m using pd4ml as a converter on the command line, passing it ordinary HTML pages. I figured out using the pd4ml:page.break tag to control page size and orientation. Is there a way to control page orientation and formatting without using JSP, and without forcing a page break?


    You (may) specify the default page format, orientation etc with PD4ML API calls.

    attributes allow to change the default settings on-a-fly.


    > Is there a way to control page orientation and formatting without using JSP, and without forcing a page break?

    You may define the initial page format and orientation with PD4ML API calls. The defaults may be dynamically changed with

    If you do not use PD4ML API directly, but standalone command line converter it depends on the way its command line parameters are mapped to the API. For Pd4Php you may control it like that:

    passthru( ‘java -Xmx512m -Djava.awt.headless=true -cp .:pd4ml_demo.jar Pd4Php ” . $_POST . ” 800 LETTER
    -orientation LANDSCAPE
    2>>stderr.txt’ );

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