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    I use the profession release. In my JSP I’va added a draft watermark using this code:

    <% String watermark = request.getParameter("watermark");<br /> if("1".equals(watermark)){ %><br /> <pd4ml:header watermarkUrl="../../img/brouillon.png" watermarkOpacity="30" watermarkBounds="60,150,500,500" /><br /> <% } %>

    My problem is that when I call the url with and without the watermark parameter I have always the same result… some time I got two pages with the watermark, later I get two without. I thought that It was perhaps a caching problem, so I added to my URL a parameter with a timestamp, but nothing changes.

    When I run two URLs in debug mode, first is going into the conditionnal generating the watermark and second is well bypassing this line of code.

    I wonder if there is a concurrency problem in the engine that transforms the jsp into the pdf result.

    Can anybody help ? Other Ideas ?



    Did you try to add debug=”true” attribute to (I suppose you use PD4ML JSP taglib) and inspect the server log? Are there any traces it tries to load the image and fails?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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