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    where can I find the javadoc for the overloads of method FontCache.generateFontPropertiesFile()?



    Why do you need to overload the static method?


    I don’t want to overload, I search the description of the params:

    generateFontPropertiesFile(String, BufferedOutputStream, boolean)
    generateFontPropertiesFile(String, BufferedOutputStream, boolean, String, short)
    generateFontPropertiesFile(String, String)
    generateFontPropertiesFile(String, String, String, short)
    generateFontPropertiesFile(String, String, short)


    Hmm… For some reason the method is excluded from Javadoc.

    Here is the signature of the main method:

    /** * scan font directory, generate and output it to the given OutputStream. * @param fontsPath font directory path * @param bos data output stream * @param addFontDirReference allows to add the original fonts dir path to It is useful for a case the generated .properties file * cannot be saved to the original fonts dir (i.e. system fonts dir). * @param filter if not null, defines comma-separated list of allowed font name patterns. For example "arial,cour,time" * @param logLevel log output control bit mask * @throws IOException */ public static void generateFontPropertiesFile(String fontDirPath, BufferedOutputStream bos, boolean addFontDirReference, String filter, short logLevel) throws IOException {


    Thank you very much.


    FYI: PD4ML GUI tool

    PD4ML v4 Programmers Manual

    offers a new feature called “[fonts tool]” (you can find it in the status bar). Can help you with generation

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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