Creating DOCX Files

v4.0.19 introduces support for creating OOXML (DOCX) files from HTML.

It is already functionally superior to the long-standing PD4ML HTML to RTF converter. It allows you to define text and paragraph styles, nested tables, ordered and unordered lists, headers and footers, table of contents, hyperlinks, bookmarks, borders, backgrounds, and embed images.

To force DOCX output you only need to trigger pd4ml.writeDOCX() API method instead of pd4ml.writePDF() in usual conversion scenarios.

The converter is available under the PD4ML DMS or PD4ML UA license.

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RTF Output Performance

The recent PD4ML builds (both v3 and v4) refactor RTF output logic to improve conversion performance by bulky input HTML documents.

Now, even in extreme situations, the performance is comparable with PDF output and very often outperforms it.